install packages with pkg_add(1) into another file system

Matthias Apitz guru at
Tue Oct 8 13:27:40 UTC 2013

El día Tuesday, October 08, 2013 a las 08:12:31AM -0500, Mark Felder escribió:

> > No. The r255948 was built on a clean, empty environment but with
> > 
> > $ cat /etc/src.conf 
> > 
> Ok, I won't question your needs for pkg_* as you seem to be aware of
> what you're doing :-)
> When you use pkg_* or pkg with their built-in chroot options it seems
> that it executes those tools within those chroots instead of setting the
> chroot as a destination for the installation. So if you wanted to use
> --chroot I think you have to make sure the packages are available inside
> the chroot. Perhaps there's some sort of DESTDIR option for the package
> installation? I've been searching but have had no luck yet. I'll ask
> around. It might be more reliable to do something like nullfs mount the
> packages into the chroot and do the installation completely within the
> chroot.

Meanwhile I did:

# cp -Rp ~guru/PKGDIR    /mnt

# export PKG_PATH
# chroot /mnt pkg_add xorg-7.7
# chroot /mnt pkg_add kde-4.10.5
# chroot /mnt pkg_add vim-7.3.1314

# chroot /mnt pkg_info | wc -l

which went fine without any errors (only the normal messages about
creation of users, etc.); I will test the resulting image and report


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