Soekris for a Trac server

Michael michipili at
Thu Oct 3 16:08:41 UTC 2013

Hello Bill,

thank you for your answer!

Bill Tillman wrote:
> The way technology has moved on these days I would approach this from a
> completely different manner. Soekris makes some cool little boxes, but the
> last time I looked they still had I486 cpu' may be different, probably
> is. My point is that with computers so cheap these days why not just use
> a box, sans the drives and do a diskless boot from one of your FreeBSD
> servers...or better yet, setup another FreeBSD server using VM. It doesn't
> make sense to buy a box with VM technology so freely available.
Of course you are right that virtualisation is the cheapest way to go.
But this my actual setup and I am considering moving it to a physical
support because for my uses, I value some of its features (low-noise™ or

Best regards,

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