FreeBSD routing problem

hrkesh sahu hrisikeshsahu at
Thu Oct 3 13:39:03 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I am facing a routing issue for the Interoperability  1.5 topology.

Please find the attachment of the exact topology map.

As per test setup –

Ø  Configured REF-Router2 NOT to transmit  Router Advertisement on
Network1. But REF-Router2 is able to transmit Router Advertisement on
Network2 with 2001:db8:ffff:3::/64 .

Ø  Configured a static route on TAR-RouterD ( ubuntu) Indicating
REF-Router2’s Link local address as the next hop for the Network2 .

Ø  But Ref-Router Not able to routes between Network1 and Network2.  Due to
this ICMPv6 request from TAR-router to the global address of REF-Host2 is
not working. There is no reply for this ICMPv6 request.

Ø  Same when I try to transmit ICMPv6 Echo request from REF-HOST2 to global
address of TAR-HOST1( Prefix of TAR-RouterD), no ICMPv6 reply.

Ø  Within Network1 , nodes are able to communicate. But when I try to
communicate Netwrok2 from Network1, it is not working.

Could you please suggest tell me if I am missing something to route the
traffic on REF-Router ?

I suspect  , as there is no Route Advertisement on Interface1 of the
Ref-Router, it is not able to route the traffic between the interfaces.

Please help me to find this solution.


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