Soekris for a Trac server

Michael michipili at
Tue Oct 1 06:22:34 UTC 2013

I am planning to move a jail-hosted service to a physical device and
would like to hear the advices of experts here.

My service runs sshd, apache and trac (the ticket service) and I am
considering getting one of the products by soekris. I know that some
list users have some experience with these products so it would be very
nice for me to ear if this kind of product is suitable for my project
and if FreeBSD is doing well on these platforms.

Also I am bit unsure about the setup I should pick: we are a hand of
users for the service and I would like to know if a 64-MB Ram and a
166Mhz setup could do, or if I definitely should consider a faster CPU
or more RAM. Given my actual jail based setup, is there an easy way to
guess the required RAM — In the jail `top` reports a Size of 111M for
the Python process, but I guess the interpreter is taking things easy
when a lot of RAM is available, doesn't it?

Last, are FreeBSD jails lightweight enough to run in such a constrained
environment? It is not unlikely that the device evolves to run several
other services (like a nfs) and I would appreciate to be able to confine
services appropriately using jails.

Thank you for your comments!

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