Hardware Encryption Market - Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2018)

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'Hardware Encryption Market - By Algorithms (AES, RSA), Architectures (FPGA, ASIC), Products (Hard Disk Drives, USB Drives and In-Line Encryptors), Applications, Verticals and Geography - Analysis & Forecast (2013 - 2018) '   

This reports considers the semi-conductor sub-market of the hardware encryption market for hardware based encryption chipsets. The semiconductor market is currently estimated at around $1.77 billion and is expected to reach $6.06 billion by 2018. Though the numbers of chipset manufacturers are low at present, a growing number of chipset players are looking to tap into the hardware encryption market and thus the procurement channel is expected to become more efficient in the future.   

This report offers a complete view of the hardware encryption industry with regards to the products market. It provides detailed market segments and qualitative analysis at every level of classification done by semiconductors, products, applications, sub-applications, verticals and geography. Figures - both revenue and volume - are forecast until 2018 to give a glimpse of the potential revenue base in this market.   

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Scope of the Report   

- Total Markets: Global hardware encryption Market - Product Market, Child/Sub-Markets, Related Markets, Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Market Penetration of Hardware encryption.   

- Child/Sub Markets: Semiconductors market in hardware encryption.   

- Related Markets: Software encryption Market.   

- Market by Verticals: Global Hardware encryption Verticals market, Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Government Institutional.   

- Market by Products: Hardware encrypted hard disk drives (HDDs), In-line encryptors and hardware encrypted USB flash drives & memory sticks.   

- Market by Application Sector: Hardware encryption markets in Consumer Electronics Sector, Communication networking security, Automotive and Transportation Sector, Military Defense & Aerospace (MDA) Sector, Healthcare Sector, Enterprise Sector and Emerging and other Application Sector.   

- Market in Consumer electronics sector: Hardware encryption market in Enterprise applications, Notebook and Laptop Applications, Desktop applications and other consumer electronic device applications.   

- Market in Military, Defense & Aerospace sector: Hardware encryption market in Military data encryption applications and Satellite Communication applications.   

- Market by Geography: North America (sub-segmentation by the U.S. & others), Europe (sub-segmentation by U.K., Germany, France and others), Asia-Pacific (sub-segmentation by China, Japan, South Korea, India and others), and Rest of the Word (sub-segmentation by Latin America, the Middle East and others).   

- Competitive Landscape: Market share analysis separately for Hardware encrypted HDD product manufacturers and Hardware encrypted USB drive manufacturers.   

- Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of major companies existing in the hardware encryption value chain.   

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Title Index:   

1 Introduction   
1.1 Key Take-Aways   
1.2 Report Description   
1.3 Scope & Markets Covered   
1.4 Stakeholders   
1.5 Research Methodology   
1.6 Report Assumptions   

2 Executive Summary   

3 Market Overview   
3.1 Introduction   
3.2 Market Statistics   

4 Industry Characteristics   
4.1 Introduction   
4.2 Value Chain Analysis   
4.3 Pest Analysis   
4.4 Pricing And Cost Analysis   
4.5 Market Investment Analysis   

5 Market Analysis   
5.1 Introduction   
5.2 Market Dynamics   
5.3 Industry Trends   
5.4 Porters Analysis   

6 Market In Smartphone And Tablet Applications   
6.1 Smartphones And Tablets   

7 Market By Encryption Algorithms & Architectures   
7.1 Hardware Encryption Market By Algorithm   
7.2 Hardware Encryption Market By Architectures   
7.3 Hardware Encryption Market By Connectivity Environments   

8 Market By Products   
8.1 Introduction   
8.2 Hard Disk Drives   
8.3 In-Lineencryptors   
8.4 USB Memory Sticks And Flash Drives   

9 Market By Application   
9.1 Introduction   
9.2 Consumer Electronics Sector   
9.3 Communication Networking Security   
9.4 Automotive & Transportation Sector   
9.5 Military, Defense & Aerospace (MDA) Sector   
9.6 Healthcare Sector   
9.7 Emerging & Other Applications Sectors   

10 Market By Verticals   
10.1 Introduction   
10.2 Industrial   
10.3 Commercial   
10.4 Residential   
10.5 Government Institutions   

11 Market By Geography   
11.1 Introduction   
11.2 North America   
11.3 Europe   
11.4 APAC   
11.5 Rest Of The World   

12 Competitive Landscape   
12.1 Market Share Ranking   
12.2 New Product Launches/Developments   
12.3 Mergers & Acquisitions/ Joint Ventures   
12.4 Partnerships/Agreements/Strategic Alliance/ Collaborations   
12.5 Contract/Deployment/ Awards/Certifications   

13 Company Profiles Overview, Products And Services, Financials, Strategy & Development)*   
13.1 Certes Networks Inc.   
13.2 GSMK Cryptophone   
13.3 Imation Corp.   
13.4 Kanguru Solutions   
13.5 Kingston Technology Corporation   
13.6 Koolspan Inc.   
13.7 Maxim Integrated Products Inc.   
13.8 Merlincryption Llc   
13.9 Micron Technology Inc.   
13.10 Netapp Inc.   
13.11 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.   
13.12 Sandisk Corporation   
13.13 Seagate Technology Plc   
13.14 Secfone AG   
13.15 Secude AG   
13.16 Toshiba Corporation   
13.17 Viasat Inc.   
13.18 Western Digital Corporation   
13.19 Winmagic Inc.   

*Details On Overview, Products And Services, Financials, Strategy & Development Might Not Be Captured In Case Of Unlisted Companies.   

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