FreeBSD9.2: Tomcat process with very high memory allocation

Uwe Heber uwe at
Mon Nov 25 21:59:28 UTC 2013

Hello FreeBSD team,

we are hosting a Java web application on our FreeBSD 9.2 server on which
Tomcat 7.0 is used as runtime environment.

During monitoring the Java process we have found out the Java process
allocates 9GB of memory:

39819 www          35  20    0  9051M   439M uwait   4   0:31  0.00% jsvc

www    39819  0.0  1.4 9268296 449704 ??  IJ    4:05PM 0:30.60
/usr/local/bin/jsvc -java-home /usr/local/openjdk6 -server -user www
-pidfile /var/run/ -wait 30 -out

For this reason, we have reconfigured the Tomcat by setting up the
minimum and maximum heap size in file /usr/local/<TOMCAT>/bin/
with following values:


After the Tomcat reboot the allocation remains at this very high

Our question at this point:
[1] Is this problem already known?
[2] What are possible options regarding the setup which could solve the

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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