using make(1) with "-j" option

William Bulley web at
Mon Nov 25 19:34:29 UTC 2013

In the modern era with multiple CPUs the norm, I was interested in
finding a way to speed up compiles from source (of the kernel and
the various ports I use).

According to the man page "make(1)" the "-j max_jobs" option:

   Specify the maximum number of jobs that make may have running at
   any one time.  Turns compatibility mode off, unless the -B flag
   is also specified.

While building the kernel today, I was successful using "make -j 4"
on a four CPU system.  Later on, on the same system, I was unable
to build any ports from source using either "# make -j 4 install"
or "# make -j 2 install" commands.  What am I missing here?



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