Restart of wireless service creates crash in system

Juris Kaminskis juris.kaminskis at
Sat Nov 23 20:54:11 UTC 2013

I just realised that of course your initial request is out of date, due to
fact that I have rebuilt kernel since my initial error I posted. I am able
to repeat the error just by typing service netif restart and then I got new
instruction pointer.

And this is the result of the code I get:

(kgdb) list *0xc091ee26
0xc091ee26 is in node_getrssi (/usr/src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_node.c:1068).
1063 }
1065 static int8_t
1066 node_getrssi(const struct ieee80211_node *ni)
1067 {
1068 uint32_t avgrssi = ni->ni_avgrssi;
1069 int32_t rssi;
1071 if (avgrssi == IEEE80211_RSSI_DUMMY_MARKER)
1072 return 0;

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