Kernel build error (9.2 on 9.1 userland)

Mason Loring Bliss mason at
Wed Nov 20 16:16:27 UTC 2013

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 05:43:39PM +1030, Shane Ambler wrote:

> The config for freebsd-update is in /etc/freebsd-update.conf The Compenents
> part determines what is updated and src is one available component.

Ah, I hadn't noticed this despite a brief glace in freebsd-update.conf. Thank

> Normally freebsd-update will install minor updates to the installed system.
> You can use "freebsd-update -r 9.2-RELEASE upgrade" to upgrade to new
> release versions.

Can it bring me to 10 now, by chance?

> Chapter 23.2 of the FreeBSD Handbook offers more detail.

I'll read it; thank you.

> A good way to identify your running system - uname -a

The issue there was that it was identifying my kernel, but since I'd botched
my source tree updates, that didn't necessarily match my userland. It might
be nice if there was something like Debian's /etc/issue to identify the
userland version.

> As for getting your source - stable/9 contains updates and features being
> tested for next release

Ah, so stable/9 will be 9.3. Makes sense.

Thank you for the detail - you've answered everything I was wondering about
in satisfying depth.

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