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Wed Nov 20 00:09:53 UTC 2013

On Tue, 19 Nov 2013 14:55:08 -0800, ETHAN HOUSE wrote:
> I set up a FreeBSD 10.0 current server and I want to switch to the stable
> branch. My hope is to ride stable into the release branch when it comes
> out. Being very new to FreeBSD I had no idea what 10-Current was when I set
> it up. Having learned the error of my ways I was hoping their was a
> possible fix.

The STABLE branch is available for the current release (v9) and
the legacy release (v8); the upcoming release (v10) still doesn't
have one. So if you want to follow 9-STABLE, you'll stay on v9
as long as you _don't_ switch to v10 after it has been released,
this can be done by SVN or by using the src.txz distribution from
the installation media or one of the FTP mirrors; after that point,
you can follow 10-STABLE once it has been started.

See entry 3.2.3. here:

You'll probably find this useful as well:

NB: Following 9-STABLE will _not_ get you to 10-RELEASE and further!

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