how install two freebsd9.2 on one disk?

Erich Dollansky erich at
Sun Nov 17 10:52:06 UTC 2013


On Sun, 17 Nov 2013 13:51:07 +0330
s m <sam.gh1986 at> wrote:

> hello every one
> for some reason, i want to install two freebsd9.2 OS on one SSD. is it
> possible?? i have problem in partitioning my disk for two OS. you know
> there is just one ada0 which can be partitioned.
> if i define more partitions on ada0, can i use some of them for the
> first OS and the others for second one? if yes, how can i manage
> booting? how and where should i install boot manager in order to
> manage them in booting time??
> any comments or hints are appreciated

it should be possible. You need two containers for the FreeBSD
partitions. To get them, you have to start the installer and add
partitions manually. Select your installation disk, i.e. ada0. If it is
not empty, delete what is there and add the first container (slice)
do it using 50% of the disk. Add then inside this slice (ada0s1) the
partitions you want. When you start the second installation, use the
remaining space. This will result in a second slice (ada0s2) if I
remember right.

You will need a boot manager. I did not see the question to use one in
the installer recently.


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