Bootstrapping pkg the FreeBSD Jail

Kyle Williams Kyle at
Tue Nov 12 20:28:52 UTC 2013

On Sun Nov 10 02:55:50 2013, Hung Son Nguyen wrote:
>Can I bootstrap pkg without enter the Jail?

If you use ezjail, you can install .tbz ports made with `make package'
during jail creation. Ezjail has an rc.d script that installs anything
in /pkg the first time the jail starts. Create an ezjail flavour with
pkg.tbz in /pkg, and pkg will be automatically installed when you start
a jail created with `ezjail-admin -f [flavour] [hostname] [ip]'

If you don't want to build the .tbz yourself, you can grab an old
version from here:

You can also add other commands to the rc.d script, like pkg2ng.

If you don't use ezjail, you can use `pkg_add -C /yourjail' to install
the .tbz file.

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