pkg upgrade problem with tex and texlive, release 9.2

Kostas Oikonomou k.oikonomou at
Tue Nov 12 15:12:21 UTC 2013


I am using PCBSD 9.2 p8, and I'm having a problem with "pkg upgrade".

I am using texlive instead of tetex, and when I try to upgrade my 
packages, pkg insists on
re-installing the main two tetex packages, which I've removed, since I 
have switched to texlive.
Of course, if I let the upgrade proceed, it fails because of the 
conflict between tetex and texlive.

I can remove texlive, do the upgrade, re-remove tetex, and re-re-install 
texlive. Texlive is a large
package, so this is painful. And it will happen again at the next upgrade.

Is there any way around this problem?  Some feature of pkg that I don't 
know about?
Or is this whole thing a tetex/texlive-specific issue which will be 
resolved eventually?
(I am posting here in the belief that this is not a PCBSD-specific issue.)


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