Share NTFS drive over NFS

Juris Kaminskis juris.kaminskis at
Wed Nov 6 18:41:33 UTC 2013

with mount -d i see following:
mountd: getting export list
mountd: reading exports from /etc/exports
mountd: got line /home/juris/piltuve/ -alldirs
mountd: making new ep fs=0xed00ff02,0xed
mountd: doing opt -alldirs
mountd: adding a default entry
mountd: getting mount list
mountd: here we go

but in /var/log/messages i see following errors:
mountd[1219]: could not remount /home/juris/piltuve/: Operation not
mountd[1219]: bad exports list line /home/juris/piltuve/ -alldirs
mountd[1219]: mount request denied from for

is there some way I can trace where is the error?

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