Official FreeBSD Binary Packages now available for pkgng

Anton Sayetsky vsjcfm at
Fri Nov 1 08:45:01 UTC 2013

I have a few questions.

2013/10/31 Bryan Drewery <bdrewery at>:
> The pkg_install suite of tools pkg_create(1), pkg_add(1), and
> pkg_info(1) (which ports also use), are deprecated and will be
> discontinued in roughly 6 months. A communication regarding the
> deprecation of the pkg_install suite of tools will be sent separately in
> the future.
1. Will this change touch already released FreeBSD versions,
especially like 9? Or one can use pkg_* as long as staying on 9.x?

2. What is a correct way for a freshly-built system (and which one will work :)
2.a. Set WITHOUT_PKGTOOLS=. buildworld, installworld, install
ports-mgmt/pkg, profit.
2.b. buildworld, installworld, set WITHOUT_PKGTOOLS, delete-old,
install ports-mgmt/pkg, profit.

3. As I can see, head/ now contains bootstrap for pkg. Will be
ports-mgmt/pkg ever merged to head/ and then MFC'd to stable/10? To
stable/9? Or pkg will remain in ports for many years like

4. Can I use sqlite from ports instead of bundled one with pkg or this
not expected?

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