Pietro Paolini pulsarpietro at
Thu May 30 10:35:40 UTC 2013

Hello all,

I am a new bye on the FreeBSD and I am looking at the VIMAGE features experiencing some problems.
I added the options :

and I removed

then I recompiled my kernel and install it.

After that, following this tutorial I tried the "Exercise 2" which consist on 
the following commands:

vimage -c n1
vimage -c n2
ngctl mkpeer efface ether ether
ngctl mkpeer efface ether ether
ngctl mkpeer em0: bridge lower link0
ngctl name em0:lower bridge0
ngctl connect em0: bridge0: upper link1
ngctl connect ngeth0: bridge0: ether link2
ngctl connect ngeth1: bridge0: ether link3
vimage -i n1 ngeth0 e0

But my virtual interface on the n1 vimage does not receive any packet from the external network while I can see the packet go out from it.

For instance using DHCP, e0 on n1 sends DHCP packets but it does not receive the answers (which are send, I verified it from wireshark), in adding
the ARP request for his IP address (if I try to add it statically) are not received then it can not answer.

At the end of the line the question is: how can I make this "virtual network" and the external real network be able to communicate ?

Thanks in advance.

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