mail/claws-mail: INBOX shows still moved or deleted mails, filtering not working properly

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue May 28 07:18:00 UTC 2013

After a struggle with OpenLDAP and Thunderbird (core dumps all over the
place when using Thunderbird with OpenLDAP backed users), I moved to
Evolution, which is unsatisfying, since calendar function immediately
makes Evolution crahs on all tested FreeBSD platforms (9.1-STABLE,

I tried mail/claws-mail for now and I'm surprised how "cryptic" and
fast an email client can be, but I also have serious struggles with
this email client.

When fetch and filtering Emails from the account of our computer
center's IMPA4 mail servers, the moved and even deleted emails remain
visible (but greyished) in the INBOX or any other folder and marked

Filtered and filter induced moves of mails also are greyed, still
visible in the main INBOX of the email account but marked with the flag
for new mail in INBOX. I can not delete them from INBOX.

This behaviour is odd. I searched Grand Master Google for that and
found relatively old bug reports about such behaviour, but that should
be solved.

I exclude misconfigurations, since I already configured those
"immediate actions" as recommended.

Nor Evolution nor thunderbird show that weird behaviour and they
operate as expected on all mail actions.

Maybe someone could give me a hint what to check. Personally, I
consider this behaviour a bug and renders another email client unusable
on FreeBSD, but I might be terribly wrong here and still suffer from a
configuration inconvenience.

Please CC me, I'm no subscriber of both lists.

Thanks in advance,

Oliver Hartmann

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