cannot use ftp utility throught proxy

staticsafe me at
Tue May 28 04:40:34 UTC 2013

On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 07:08:12AM +0300, vadims at wrote:
> Hello!
> Can someone help me, please?
> Have no luck seting up ftp utility for using proxy.
> Already have set environment variables:
> FTP_PROXY=http://proxyserver:8080
> HTTP_PROXY=http://proxyserver:8080
> When try to connect:
> root# root at zerver:/root # ftp -a
> root# ftp: Can't connect to `': Operation timed out
> root# ftp: Can't connect to `'
> Used tcpdump to check where it connects:
> root# tcpdump -n -ttt -i em0 port ftp
> & I can see, that ftp is trying to connect directly to
> Tried to use this env variable, but without acceptable results:
> FETCH_CMD=/usr/bin/fetch -ARrvp -T 10
> uname -a
> 9.1-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p3 #0: Mon Apr 29 18:27:25 UTC
> 2013 root at
> amd64
> Excuses my language, not native English.
> Have a lucky day!
> VS.

According to the ftp manpage, the variables for proxying are:

     ftp_proxy      URL of FTP proxy to use when making FTP URL requests (if
                    not defined, use the standard FTP protocol).

                    See http_proxy for further notes about proxy use.

     http_proxy     URL of HTTP proxy to use when making HTTP URL requests.
                    If proxy authentication is required and there is a user-
                    name and password in this URL, they will automatically be
                    used in the first attempt to authenticate to the proxy.

                    If ``unsafe'' URL characters are required in the username
                    or password (for example `@' or `/'), encode them with
                    RFC3986 `%XX' encoding.

                    Note that the use of a username and password in ftp_proxy
                    and http_proxy may be incompatible with other programs
                    that use it (such as lynx(1)).

                    NOTE: this is not used for interactive sessions, only for
                    command-line fetches.

Notice the capitalization, "ftp_proxy" as opposed to "FTP_PROXY". Not sure why
environment variables are not all caps, seems inconsistent.
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