pkg_version says my ports need to be updated?

Ed Flecko edflecko at
Mon May 27 18:00:54 UTC 2013

Clearly, I'm doing something wrong.


I thought I was using svn to keep my ports, src and docs up to date, but
pkg_version seems to disagree.

I'm running 9.1 and I've installed ports, src, and docs as part of my
install. After that, I use subversion to (I thought) make sure everything
was up to date.

I ran these commands:

/usr/local/bin/svn up /usr/src

/usr/local/bin/svn up /usr/ports

/usr/local/bin/svn up /usr/doc

and then I ran:

pkg_version -vIL =

and it says "< needs updating (index has ...) on about 1 dozen items. So my
"index" is out of sync with my ports???

What did I screw up and how do I correct it?

Thank you!


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