"swap" partition leads to instability?

M. V. bored_to_death85 at yahoo.com
Mon May 27 08:46:42 UTC 2013

jb <jb.1234abcd <at> gmail.com> writes:

> M. V. <bored_to_death85 <at> yahoo.com> writes:

>> recently I heard from a FreeBSD expert that I shouldn't have
>> swap partition for my server, and having swap partition could
>> make my server unstable. 

> I think your FB expert was up to something. I bet he spoke out
> of experience.
> Swapping by itself can decrease system reliability due to possible
> data corruption on swap disk or during two-way transfers, with 

> subsequent incorrect RAM and machine crash.
> But, swapping is also a symptom, not a problem.
> It is never a good idea to let it get to that point.

> http://blog.jcole.us/2010/09/28/mysql-swap-insanity-and-the-numa-architecture/

Very interesting point.
- do you think this could hurt my server's stability too? (most of its work is a noticeable amount of packet-forwarding, and other network services, like firewall, dhcp server, ntp server, etc)
- if so, in what conditions? can I do something to prevent this? or should I just get rid of the swap partition?

- does swap partition do any good for me at all? I mean if we even suppose nothing bad happens because of it, is it worth risking to keep it? 

thank you.

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