Strange behavior of NFS/ZFS on 9.0

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Thu May 23 20:04:18 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I've a server under FreeBSD 9.0 with a large ZFS pool (~ 150To) 

This server is use mainly for backup and NFS server, he also have 4 Gb/s
interface bound with LACP. 

If the nfs client is close to the server (physical distance) everything is

When the client is far away (NFS over tcp of course) from the client side
everything work (it's slow but it's working), the strange thing is when the
client do some « heavy » acces to the server through NFS, we cannot ping
the server during 10-30 sec and the ping come back, and some time later (
~10-15 min) again we cannot ping the server. When I quote « heavy » it's
because the traffic is ~ 40 Mbit/s. 

I'm sure of the relation between client acces through NFS and lost ping.

Anyone have a idea.


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