file corruption solution (soft-update or ZFS)

Warren Block wblock at
Thu May 23 12:33:01 UTC 2013

On Thu, 23 May 2013, saeedeh motlagh wrote:

> you know i have a sensitive server and unfortunately it is located some where that power outage happens much. so i want guarantee my data and avoid data lost and file corruption in my
> server.
> i do not have any problem in RAM and hardware.

The lack of a UPS can be considered a hardware problem.

> i don't know which approach is more suitable for my server. using soft-update or ZFS. please help me to select the best one.

Please don't top-post, as it makes responding to your message more 
difficult.  One thing mentioned earlier is that ZFS wants lots of 
memory.  4G-8G minimum, some might say as much as the server will hold.

But resilient filesystems still can't prevent data corruption.  Fix the 
power problem with a UPS.

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