FreeBSD, VBox, mouse integration

Alexandre axelbsd at
Tue May 21 17:26:58 UTC 2013

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, asf8g 9hf32 wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using VirtualBox. Host OS is FreeBSD, guest OS is FreeBSD(amd64) too.
> I'd like to integrate mouse from guest and host(I don't want to use right
> ctrl to free mouse from guest).
> I'm using vbox guest additions to do it. I have loaded drivers(vboxguest
> and vboxvideo).My rc.conf has lines
> vboxguest_enable="YES"vboxservice_enable="YES"
> but mouse isn't integrated.
> Could you tell me what to do to integrate mouse ?
> Thanks,
> Lukas

> Hi Lukas,

In your VM, have you installed VBox additional tool from ports/packages in
addition to the lines in /etc/rc.conf ?
You must use the same version of VirtualBox on both host and guest.

Kind regards,

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