filesystem advice

Pol Hallen freebsdenml at
Tue May 21 16:41:03 UTC 2013

Hi all and sorry for this (newbie) question.

I study FreeBSD (I come from linux) and I'm not sure which filesystem use.

My situation: install a fileserver (samba) for 3 clients and put it as
gateway/server on internet (ssh, and samba to internal lan).

I installed FreeBSD with raid 1 following this howto:

everything ok!

I see that use ufs filesystem, now:

I'd like have less maintenance possible direclty to machine because this
server is far to me 50Km.

So I can use ssh for default (and extra) maintenance.

Which filesystem is "better"? After total crash of system (i.e.) or
black-out, ufs can repair it by itself? Or better use ufs+journal? or zfs?

Motherboard is atom dual core with 2Gb of ram and 2 disks with 2Gb each.

Thanks for the help!

Best regards


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