ngctl list ?

Joe fbsd8 at
Mon May 20 23:28:32 UTC 2013


Here is my results

Without netgraph compiled into the kernel, issuing "ngctl list" command 
on the host only shows the socket for ngctl.

After I issue the kldload command on the host for netgraph ng_bridge 
ng_eiface ng_ether ng_socket, then issuing "ngctl list" command now 
shows the real NIC interface device names.

Thanks for you insight.

I have another problem.

To standardize my bridge and eiface names I want to use the JID number 
as a suffix.

jid=`jls -j ${jailname} jid`

When creating the bridge it gets assigned bridge_name just like I want.

I want to assign the ${jid} to the ieface peer name and can not figure 
out the syntax. This is the command I am using now

ngctl mkpeer eiface ether ether

This creates a default name of ngeth0
I would be ok with ngeth${jid}
But would really like to assign my own peer name vetjail${jid}

Does the mkpeer syntax allow doing this?



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