Prevent starting network on fwe0 and fwip0

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at
Sat May 18 23:57:39 UTC 2013


How can I prevent the start of network on fwe0 and fwip0?

fwe0: Ethernet over FireWire
fwip0: IP over FireWire

In /etc/rc.conf I added this line

network_interfaces="lo0 fxp0 wpi0"

But I still see that FreeBSD start fwe0 and fwip0

Starting Network: lo0 fxp0 wpi0
Starting Network: fwe0
Starting Network: fwip0

I also had networks on USB

Starting Network: usbus0
Starting Network: usbus1
Starting Network: usbus2
Starting Network: usbus3
Starting Network: usbus4

But I added


To /boot/loader.conf file and FreeBSD didn't start the network in USB anymore

Is there something similar for FireWire?

I notice that the lines apear after DEVD is started

Is there a trick for DEVD?


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