Graphics card differences between CentOS and FBSD (multi monitor)?

Dennis Glatting freebsd at
Sat May 18 17:05:12 UTC 2013

I have a graphics card that behaves differently under CentOS 6.4 and
FreeBSD 9.1. Specifically, it is an older card (Spapphire with a ATI
chip set) where I have a multi-monitor set up but under CentOS the
monitors come up as expected but under FreeBSD there is some kind of
weird video-line overlap across the monitors.

As far as I can tell the xorg.conf is similar but the X code under
CentOS is versions ahead of FBSD even with WITH_NEW_XORG defined but I
suspect that isn't the real problem though hand patching the code does
have some impact. It also appears the FBSD kernel is lacking in some
areas but I'm unsure (and doubt) that is the real problem.

What should I be looking at in terms of configuration/code/etc such that
multi-monitor behave as expected under FBSD?

Also, I need to update some cards and I'm looking for a up-to-date card
that supports multi-monitor under FreeBSD. Most of my cards are old but
work well however I now have "purchasing criteria" (i.e., have to
purchase new and from a supported supplier, not used from Amazon or
eBay). Any recommended multi-monitor card you know works?

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