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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Fri May 17 19:03:53 UTC 2013

On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 10:53 -0700, Robison, Dave wrote:
> All this bike shedding and crosstalk has produced far more pointless
> email than all the spam I've gotten from this list in the last month.

I don't know if those mails where pointless, but there were much mails
and I only read two or three mails including this, IOW there was at
least much traffic caused by this discussion, that has less to do with
questions about FreeBSD, IMO this is ok, I like OT talk myself, even if
I wasn't interested in this discussion.

I'm subscribed to trillions of mailing lists, perhaps a few less than
trillions and several open mailing lists, including this one. I don't
get much spam and it's easy to filter the few junk mails I receive. The
few spam I get can't be eliminated by any method. The internet is the
Wilde West, it makes me wonder that I get that less spam.

It's said, that for all long discussions in the Internet, soon or later
somebody will mention the Nazis and if somebody mentions the Nazis, an
Internet discussion has reached it's end. The Nazis where some kind of
serial killers, so perhaps this is the reason to stop this discussion.

I hope there wasn't a flame war, I really didn't read this thread.

Please stay peacefully folks ;).

We can't get rid of all junk mail and seriously, we can't get rid of all
evil on this planet. Some people really do very bad crimes, so we
shouldn't waste much time in thinking about spam. Polemical comparison
does hurt some people, but I guess it should be ok, if somebody makes an
inappropriate comparison. We should be allowed to write without keeping
political correctness 24/7 in mind.

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