[PKGNG] i386-wine-1.5.30

David Naylor dbn at freebsd.org
Thu May 16 08:44:14 UTC 2013


Pkgng packages are available for i386-wine-1.5.30 [1] at local-distfiles [2].  
Currently packages are available for FreeBSD 8 and 9 [3][4].  For previous 
version of i386-wine replace 'latest' with the version number.  

To install the port try one of the following options:

 - Method 1 (Quick and easy)
For FreeBSD 8 (as root)
# pkg add http://alturl.com/4smzi
For FreeBSD 9 (as root)
# pkg add http://alturl.com/tn8mv

 - Method 2 (Repo)
This method will only be fully supported with pkgng v1.1.  
1) Set `PKG_MULTIREPOS' to `YES' in ${LOCALBASE}/etc/pkg.conf
2) Add repo `wine-devel' with URL [2] to ${LOCALBASE}/etc/pkg.conf
3) Install (as root):
# pkg install -r wine-devel i386-wine
or upgrade (as root):
# pkg upgrade -r wine-devel



P.S. I'll be available on Saturday to address any issues / questions.  

[1] See the wiki for more details: http://wiki.FreeBSD.org/i386-Wine (WIP)
[2] See your local FreeBSD mirror under ports/local-distfiles/dbn/i386-wine-
devel/${ABI}/latest where ABI=freebsd:X:x86:64 for X in {8, 9}.  
[3] Packages are built from FreeBSD 8.3 and 9.1 respectively.  
[4] Packaging for FreeBSD 10 will be resumed in due course.  
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