Hot Swapping SATA drive?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Tue May 14 23:34:12 UTC 2013

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Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:

>I've been using SCSI "hot swap" devices for many years, and
>they usually required a re-scan of the bus. The same often
>works for USB-connected devices which also use CAM, and maybe
>SATA and eSATA also support it today?

OK, so what command should I use when I plug a drive in?  Would that be
"camcontrol rescan foo" where "foo" is something like /dev/ada0?  I'm
guessing that that can't be correct, because ada0 is an actual drive.
So what is the "device id" for the bus itself?

>Again, it may be nice (to the system) to detach the ATA device
>from the bus; see "man atacontrol" (and "man camcontrol" in
>comparison) for the proper command to do this. From the "electrical
>point of view", there should be no problem.

I am a firm believer in being nice.  I just need to know the proper
command.   Would that be "camcontrol stop foo" ?

>The only thing that might be worth looking at in the CMOS setup
>would be the "method" of the driver, making the device come up
>as da0 (for example) or ada0, depending if EHCI or XHCI can be

Ummm... my new little SATA plug-in bay is strictly SATA... not eSATA,
and *definitely* not USB, so I think that EHCI and/or XHCI are probably
irrelevant.  Those are strictly USB things, no?


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