/etc/jail.conf for automatically started jails listed in /etc/rc.conf

Joe fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Mon May 13 20:32:00 UTC 2013

David Demelier wrote:
> Hello dear,
> Does jail.conf(5) does not work for jails listed in the rc.conf ?
> I've added in /etc/jail.conf:
> foo {
>     hostname=Foo;
>     path=/jails/foo;
>     allow.sysvipc=1;
> }
> And in /etc/rc.conf only foo in the jail_list parameter, but when I try to 
> start the jail it still complain about missing hostname.
> Regards,

There are 2 methods for configuring jails.

The legacy method which you put the jail config statements in the hosts 
/etc/rc.conf file and start and stop control is done by the hosts 
/etc/rc.d/jail script at boot time.

The jail(8) method which has it's own jail config statements in the 
hosts /etc/jail.conf file and uses the jail(8) program for starting and 
stopping. You can create a jail.conf file for each jail(8) and start it 
using  jail -c -f "/etc/jailname.jail.conf" and stop by issuing
jail -f "/etc/jailname.jail.conf" -r jailname

You can not mix the 2 methods.

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