List Spam Filtering

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Mon May 13 07:08:22 UTC 2013

Excerpt from Rich Kulawiec <rsk at>:

> 3. Note that Mailman, as part of that same mechanism, allows list-owners
> to add non-subscribers to a list of those permitted to send traffic to
> the list without approval.  This feature is probably more often used to
> allow traffic from alternative addresses for subscribers, e.g., someone
> is subscribed as fred at but sends occasionally from fred at
> But it can just as easily be used for non-subscribers if the list-owners
> so choose.

I sometimes send using a different SMTP server, which may happen since my addresses are from my former ISP, AT&T/Yahoo!, but still good under Yahoo!

So I might send either from the AT&T/Yahoo! SMTP server or from server, and Insight Cable ( customers will be migrated in the next month to Time Warner Cable, and email addresses will be in domain.  But I use the same From: address.

I switched my email address on this list because Insight Cable, but I believe not Time Warner Cable, uses for spam filtering, and messages are deleted when's software flags it as spam, and there were false positives resulting in bounced messages.  Insight Cable customers never see the spam-filtered-out messages, and have no way to mitigate those filters.

On sending CC to other participants in a thread, sometimes that can be too many, and I might consider it redundant to send CC to a list regular.

Once, because of sending CC to other thread participants, I was sending to six email addresses, and the message was held for moderator approval because of being sent to so many recipients: a frequent characteristic of spam.  But my message was approved when the moderator saw it was legit, on topic.


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