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SIMIoff topic. (I think)

Sorry but I am envious that you have a chrome working.  I am stuck with the
===>  chromium-25.0.1364.172_1 has known vulnerabilities:
chromium-25.0.1364.172_1 is vulnerable:
chromium -- multiple vulnerabilities

WWW: http://portaudit.FreeBSD.org/bdd48858-9656-11e2-a9a8-00262d5ed8ee.html
=> Please update your ports tree and try again.
*** [check-vulnerable] Error code 1

Sorry but I'm not sure which is worse, having it or not having it.

Again i apologize.


On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 4:00 AM, Gary Kline <kline at thought.org> wrote:

> guys,
> if   goog had their browser from BSD it would help big-time; I use one of
> the
> zillions of linux distros for my desktop.  I dont have a bleeding edge
> cell. just something to call the cops or "access" [ small bus with wchair
> lift.]  only have one hand, so cant easily hold cell and "type" blah * 3.
> SO, the upshot is, since I use firefox mostly, and chrome, rarely, I got a
> bit befuddled tonight trying to read an old philosopher's translation on
> chrome.  I got to fess-up.  reading on the screen is vastly easier than
> getting out a REAL book  and paperweights, and taking off my eyeglasses,
> &C!  tonight, I figured out howto enlarge the font and bring up the book.
> --i read "the prince" by nick whatever.  this on google's browser.  it
> took awhile before I realized that I wasnt hearing the words!   yes, the
> speaker in the circle [[upper right]] read aloud   and I could glean
> that much more by reading with eyes and ears.  ===but=== is there some
> magic I ca n use to do an "All", and then fire off the text-to-voice?
> [[[the following is interesting only if you're into art schopenhauer.
> his works were not correctly xlated until {i think} 1954.  I bought the
> p'back of his *Parerga and Paralipomena: A Collection of Philosophical
> Essays*.  I never read it.  google has it, and I suppose I could cough pup
> $whatever.  but only if they got their tts stuff working without me having
> to
> mouse 600+ pages or whatever it requires.  ]]]
> anybody know howto make this All menu cmd work in chrome?  in ffox, it's
> a simple edit->control-A
> thanks much,
> gary
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