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> grillo wrote:
>> I need use Microsoft Cobol Compiler and runtime developed for
>> Xenix/Unix system V SCO using NETBSD or FreeBSD, it is possible? have
>> binary compatibility ? environment compatibility ?
>> thank you
> A long time since I looked at this, but as no one else answered yet,
> hints to look for, & maybe somebody'll correct it & post more useful info ;-)
> & kernel options
> options "IBCS2" /* SCO a.out emulation */
> options SYSVSHM # SYSV-style shared memory /*for X11R6 */
> options SYSVMSG # SYSV-style message queues
> options SYSVSEM # SYSV-style semaphores
> I recall when I last did cross OS work way back I needed a
> raft of include files & libs & custom or special version of ar etc.
> Which brings up questions of Copyright, depending what you'r doing
> (I'm not asking, your business & decision, I don't want to know about SCO !).
> The newer way might be to run SCO inside a virtual environment
> BTW If you're doomed to run SCO, get hold of a SCO Skunkware CD,
> issued by SCO, free) full of FSF & PD etc tools to make raw SCO
> less annoying.
> You should search this archive:
> & probably susbscribe & ask there.
> IMO you'll probably have better luck with FreeBSD than NetBSD for this,
> (not will certainly, just probably at my guess, for this topic ;-)
> Cheers,
> Julian


I wish to use the compiler Microfocus cobol/2 writen for Unix
compatible with Sco Xenix and Sco OpenServer,
it generate a intermediate code that run win RUNTIME COBOL, the problem
is where must be install the cobol library for compilation and runtime
environment, and what terminfo to use;
if I use a virtual environment I work like now with no possibility to
extra periferal and external drive

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