Login.conf Limits not Applying for Postfix

hccip at hush.com hccip at hush.com
Thu May 9 04:11:02 UTC 2013

Hey list,

I have a pretty low resource usage for users on my system, thus I have some low limits set in my /etc/login.conf. Particularly "openfiles," which is set to 128 for the default class. However, I started getting errors from Postfix saying it has hit this limit:
"postfix/proxymap[97907]: warning: could allocate space for only 128 open files"

So I added a new class in my /etc/login.conf:


Yes, I did run `cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf` (multiple times, in fact). I stopped and restarted the postfix daemon. I've even rebooted the system entirely since then, to no avail (It sends half the mail at a time - but the error appears again once mail starts building up). Am I missing something? Do I need to set the postfix user into the postfix login class somehow?

My full /etc/login.conf is here: http://pastebin.ca/2376936

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