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Fri May 3 15:48:23 UTC 2013

Firing people for violating the 5 minute rule seems a tad extreme. If there is indeed a company policy regarding the 5 minute idle window you and you intend to roll forward with a connection kill script then also make screen or tmux available. In my experience people tend to be more accepting of connection outages if they can reconnect to where the were when they were last on. 

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Subject: sshd - time out idle connections

Hello list,
  I'm facing this unusual demand at work where we need to time out idle SSH connections for security purposes.
  I've checked the following options from sshd_config but none seems to fit my needs :
  Basically, I'm trying to defeat the use of the following client-side option:
  ServerAliveInterval 5
  I'm afraid all I've hit now is dead ends.
  Has anyone ever had the same requirements before and, perhaps, found a solution to this ?
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