svnsync and local changes

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Wed May 1 23:03:00 UTC 2013

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Dan Lists <lists.dan at> wrote:

> Back when cvsup was in use, I mirrored the ports with cvsup-mirror.  Then I
> could add files and make changes.  My servers used my repository so they
> always had my changes and I only had to do them once.
> I am trying to replicate the same setup now that subversion is used.  I've
> set up svnsync, and that works fine.  I was able to add files with 'svn
> add' and 'svn commit'.  My servers properly download all the new files.
> The problem is I can no longer use svnsync.  Now it gives me "Destination
> HEAD (316955) is not the last merged revision (316951)."    I've tried
> removing my files with 'svn rm', but that just changes the number in the
> error.   Is there some way to get this to work with svnsync?
> Is there a better way for me to have a local repository that includes local
> changes?
> Thanks,
I do something identical only i use git, and it works fine with local
changes and upstream merges,
though im pretty sure svn is capable also

> Dan
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