fsck -y and SU+J

RW rwmaillists at googlemail.com
Wed May 1 15:55:14 UTC 2013

I see that if you run fsck on a filesystem with SU+J turned-on, fsck
asks whether you want to use the journal.

This causes a problem when running fsck -y. The traditional meaning of
this command was: do a thorough, unconditional, non-interactive check;
but now SU+J filesystems only get a journal sync.

I can't even see the point in the question, surely someone that was
content to use the journal would do a preen.

This in 10-CURRENT. I'm not sure if it's like this in 9.1 or 9-STABLE, I
only spent a week there trying to get intel kms graphics working on new
hardware, so I'm new to SU+J.

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