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Sat Mar 30 00:00:55 UTC 2013


On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 09:19:02 -0600
David Thurber <davida at thurber.org> wrote:

> I have 5 XP machines on my node that are used to crunch data 24/7.
> So, I'm looking for an OS platform that has a 10 year EOL to replace
> XP/3.
if you do not count the service packs and updates, your XP installation
is EOL since 2001.

If you count service packs and patches, FreeBSD has no defined EOL.

All you have to do, is to introduce an update and patch strategy and do
it at predefined times.

> What I got from your website appears to be a year or two at most on 
> freebsd 8.3, and we really don't want to repeat the travails of the 
> transition from 98SE to XP/3 after this one because the research team 
> will be mostly mid 80's early 90"s by then.  It's a lot of data
> fetched over the web so we need security updates to keep the OS
> secure with minimal interaction.

If you would like to stick with x86, I would say that FreeBSD has the
smoothest update and upgrade path.

If you want something better, you would have to move to AIX or Solaris.


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