databases/mysql55 to databases/mariadb

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Thu Mar 28 18:06:08 UTC 2013

Andrei Brezan wrote:

> Hello list,
> Is there a make.conf option that I can use to replace
> mysql55-[server,client] with mariadb55-[server,client] or i need to use
> for example pkg set -o
> databases/mysql55-client:databases/mariadb55-client?
> What happens if I want to use one port with mysql dependency and another
> one with mariadb as dependency? This is just a theoretical question, I
> don't have such a requirement, yet.
> All this is on 9.1-RELEASE but I think applies to different versions too.
Look at: /usr/ports/Mk/ I only perused it briefly, but I 
think you want something such as MYSQL_VER=55m.  The 'm', or 'p' suffix 
switches to either MariaDB or PostgreSQL if I understand correctly.

At any rate, this is the file that controls this. If it doesn't work 
(possibly I've got it wrong), I'd suggest a PR to get it added in.


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