Upgrade devel/py-setuptools

Loic Capdeville lolox-freebsd at lolox.net
Thu Mar 28 12:30:29 UTC 2013

On 27/03/2013 17:43, Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
> 2013-03-27 18:37, Loic Capdeville wrote:
>>>>>> import sys; sys.__plen = len(sys.path)
>>>>>> ../setuptools-0.6c11-py2.7.egg
>>>>>> import sys; new=sys.path[sys.__plen:]; del sys.path[sys.__plen:];
>>>>>> p=getattr(sys,'__egginsert',0); sys.path[p:p]=new; sys.__egginsert =
>>>>>> p+len(new)
>>>>> Looks like py-distribute is not installed at all.
>>>>> what was the outcome of "portupgrade -fo devel/py-distribute
>>>>> devel/py-setuptools"? Can you try running that again?
>>>> It hasn't printed anything since the first time I tried to run it...
>>>> and still print nothing.
>>> So here is a main problem. If it prints nothing it doesn't work.
>>> Do you have portupgrade or portmaster installed? Did it yield at least
>>> one line? Some errors? If it doesn't that's surely a sign that something
>>> is going wrong.
>> I use portupgrade regularly to upgrade my ports, and usually everything
>> goes right.
>> If fails only with that particular operation (or these portupgrade
>> options)
>> Do I have to install "devel/py-distribute" separately, or should the
>> "portupgrade -fo" command do everything itself (uninstall py-setuptools
>> and install py-distribute) ?
> This command should forcefully deintsall second package and replace it
> with first one. I'm not using portupgrade, I switched to portmaster long
> time ago so I can't help you with it.
> If you want to make the switch by hand I think you should:
> pkg_delete -f py27-setuptools-0.6c11_3
> # now write down the whole list of dependent packages
> cd /usr/ports/devel/py-distribute ; make install clean
> portupgrade -f ..list of packages that require setuptools..

If finally did it by hand.
Note: upgrading packages that require setuptools isn't necessary, since 
py-distribute is backward compatible with py-setuptools.

Thanks for your help.


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