Remote IP to script over inetd

Radek Krejča radek.krejca at
Mon Mar 25 11:09:28 UTC 2013


I need to get remote ip of client who is runnig script over inetd. A
found that on linux is possible to use environment variable REMOTEHOST.
But if I try it on FreeBSD it doesnt work well. There is stored
something host but not actual. I thing that this variable is taken from
root environment and not show actual ip of client connected over port
serviced by inetd .

So question is - how I can get client ip addres to my script serviced by

I am starting inetd only with inetd_enable in rc.conf, no other
attribues, so inetd i running:

/usr/sbin/inetd -wW -C 60

Its freebsd 9.1 amd64 and script looks like:


I runs it on port 9000 serviced by inetd and started in inetd.conf

redirect       stream  tcp     nowait  root    /root/

Thank you

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