Attaching GELI device on boot

Stephan Schindel sts at
Sun Mar 24 17:39:06 UTC 2013

This is the output at boot time:

Configuring Disk Encryption for ada1.
geli: Cannot read metadata from ada1: Inappropriate file type or format.
Attach failed; attempt 1 of 3.

And the "Configuring..." part is from /etc/rc.d/geli. One the system is
ready the same attempt works fine:

root at freebsd:/home/sts # /etc/rc.d/geli start
Configuring Disk Encryption for ada1.
root at freebsd:/home/sts # geli list | grep ada | grep Geom
Geom name: ada0.eli
Geom name: ada1.eli

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