FreeBSD 8.1 install on Intel Romley platform

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Mar 20 14:11:50 UTC 2013

On 03/20/13 12:44, Belle_Kuo at wrote:

> We are facing a problem to install FreeBSD8.1

8.1 is not supported anymore; I don't think you'll get much help.

 > our Firewall application only work on FreeBSD 8.1 and 8.3.

8.3 is still supported, so I'd move on to that one.

> SAS HDD could not be detected.
 > While we tried FreeBSD 9.1, it has no problem.

So, how does 9.1 detect it?

> However,  Is there any driver or kernel update that we can integrate
 > to let FreeBSD 8.1 install successfully?

Perhaps you could post the dmesg at boot from 9.1.
This could give the list some useful info.


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