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Tue Mar 19 15:46:15 UTC 2013


I have a need for a very special font (which is used for the chars how
they are teached to my son in school in first grade). I have found the
TTF file and installed it as:

$ file /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType/DruckschriftBayern.ttf 
/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType/DruckschriftBayern.ttf: TrueType font data

and did the additional steps as described in the handbook

The new font shows up fine in some KDE apps, in firefox etc.; as well I
can see it with fc-list(1) as:

$ fc-list | fgrep BY
Druckschrift BY WOK:style=Medium

but I can't use is, for example with xterm, it says:

$ xterm -fn 'Druckschrift BY WOK'
xterm: cannot load font Druckschrift BY WOK

and even more magic: I can set it in 'kedit' via preferences, but when I
launch it from cmd line it says:

$ kedit --fn 'Druckschrift BY WOK'
QFont::setRawName(): Invalid XLFD: "Druckschrift BY WOK"

Any idea why is this? I'd like to have it in xterm or in uRxvt, even


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