Handbook Jail Chapter rewrite available for critique

Jov amutu at amutu.com
Tue Mar 19 14:44:35 UTC 2013

useful doc,greate job!

find a mybe copy/past mistake in 16.7.1:

> *exec.stop*   This is the normal script used to *start *the jail.

should be:
*exec.stop*   This is the normal script used to *stop *the jail.


2013/3/19 Fbsd8 <fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com>

> To all interested parties;
> I have completed the final draft of the total rewrite of FreeBSD's
> handbook Chapter 16 on Jails.
> Before submitting my work for submission to the documentation group for
> insertion in the handbook I am looking for critique of the work to find
> errors in concept, wrong use of words, or anything to make it better.
> All feedback welcomed.
> Use this URL to access it  http://www.jails.a1poweruser.**com/<http://www.jails.a1poweruser.com/>
> Thank You.
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