"make deinstall" within /usr/ports/lang - need to recover default language installs

Matthew Seaman matthew at freebsd.org
Tue Mar 19 08:19:42 UTC 2013

On 19/03/2013 07:54, Rob Navarro wrote:
> Hi Chaps,
> I typed "make deinstall" within the /usr/ports/lang directory of a
> FreeBSD 9.0 and mistakenly lost Perl, Python, Ruby and a whole host of
> default compiled languages.
> How can I get back to the default FreeBSD default installed language
> state (with Perl installed etc)?

Ummm.... the default state is with just the base system installed: no
extra languages like perl or python and no other additional software

> Crossing my fingers that I need not re-install the OS...

Nope.  You absolutely do not need to do that -- all you did will have
affected the ports, which on FreeBSD is a distinct entity from the base

To recover, you simply need to re-install the appropriate ports.  If you
know what you want installed, then it's easy: you can just feed a list
of those ports into portmaster(8) or portupgrade(8).

If you don't know what you need installed in order to support various
end user programs, then there are various ways of checking that the
dependencies of the required ports are installed.  For instance, if
you're using pkgng, you could run 'pkg check -da'  At worst, and
requiring the least amount of extra software, just try re-installing the
packages in question.  This should work, but you might end up doing a
lot of strictly unnecessary recompiling.


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