Installing 9.1 without re-partitioning hard drive

leeoliveshackelford at leeoliveshackelford at
Sat Mar 16 03:11:32 UTC 2013

Good evening, Free BSD enthusiasts.  Thank you to each of the several people who have responded to my previous messages.  I have made significant progress, but am now flummoxed at the installation of the boot loader.  The handbook says to run this command, "boot0cfg -B ad0".  When I run this command, I get the following error message:  "Unable to get providername for ad0".  What is a provider name? How do I determine the provider name for ad0?  How do I communicate that information to boot0cfg?  I know that this problem has something to do with the "geom" command, but the "man geom" goes on for many pages.  While I think the answer may be in there somewhere, I could not find it.  Any and all comments will be appreciated.  Sincerely, Newby Lee

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