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iamatt iamatt at
Mon Mar 11 21:14:06 UTC 2013

Everything but your due diligence.  34+ thread on printing, some crap you
probably don't even need to print, Jesus.  Never had an issue printing from
freebsd.  HP jet direct with postscript are cheap(the old ones being the
good ones).  I print from winblows if I need to do real printing.
On Mar 11, 2013 4:08 PM, "Joseph A. Nagy, Jr" <jnagyjr1978 at> wrote:

> Thank you all for all your help, this is apparently an unsolvable problem.
> Seems I wasted your time as well as mine trying to get yet another piece
> of hardware working under FreeBSD. I've done everything asked of me,
> several times over, and this ends with someone deciding I'm a liar.
> Have a nice day. I'll just find another way to do my printing.
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