FreeBSD 9 and Windows XP

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>> Good afternoon, FreeBSD enthusiasts.  Can FreeBSD 9.1 be installed on
>> a computer on which Windows XP currently resides?  If so, how can
>> this installation be >done?  In particular, is there a way to install
>> 9.1 so that it can be booted from the traditional master boot record?
>> It is important that, when I am done, I can >still boot to Windows
>> XP, as I must run some applications not available on FreeBSD.  If the
>> idea I am proposing is not feasible with version 9.1, will it work
>> with >8.3?  Any comments are appreciated.  If this question has
>> already been asked many times before, please just let me know where
>> to look to find the answer.  Thanks.  >Newbie502
> As an addon to other answers, you can install VirtualBox, create a
> minimal hard disk with MBR boot menu that points to the WindowsXP
> partition. This way you don't need to restart in WinXP. The same can
> be done from WinXP side, a minimal hd with MBR boot menu to startup
> the FreeBSD.

It is my understanding that FreeBSD doesn't allow using part of a disk,
but grabs the entire disk.  That means that VirtualBox can't use
partitions on a disk that any other partitions are being used by
anything else, including FreeBSD itself.  Am I wrong about this?  I use
VirtualBox using vdmk for an entire disk, but I have never been able to
share with anything else.
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